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History Of Flat Earth

Have you ever questioned why:
1. Eclipses occur.
2. Eclipses are seen at limited regions on the Earth's service.
3. The Sun and Moon appears to be the same size.
4. The constellations keep their position in orbit.
5. The Sun's rays appear crepuscular through clouds.
6. Water appears level.
7. The horizon appears flat.
8. Gravity is selective or as theorized relative.
9. We have seasons at different times of the year.
10. Missiles reach a country thousands of miles away on a moving sphere.
11. Aeroplanes take the same time to complete the same distance in either direction regardless of the Earth rotating to or from them at over 1000 MPH.
The video below may answer some of your questions.
International Flat Earth Research Society President Eric Dubay presents the complete history of Flat Earth from the beginning of recorded history to today.  

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