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90 Days To Buy What You Need

If you think the supply chain was bad last week – wait until this news hits the general populace. Everything that you are seeing at the grocery store, Walmart, Target, and online is weeks behind what is actually happening. The store shortages that you are experiencing right now are from when there were 40, 60, 80 ships docked off the coast of Western America with products growing moldier and moldier by the day. If you think that was bad, just wait. New reports show that there are up to 170 container ships waiting to dock at the Long Beach, Los Angeles ports with Gene Seroka, the port's executive director, warning that they have approximately 200,000 shipping containers still on ships at sea. This is getting worse one analyst warns. We did some digging here at Full Spectrum to find some root causes and the broken just in time delivery system is just one of the problems our nation is facing. We are experiencing an everything crisis. Anything that could go wrong, is having problems in one or two areas of those moving parts and the consumers and the manufacturers are suffering because of it. The problem. Is that manufacturers are capitalizing on these problems by raising prices on living essentials like food and personal health goods, but the consumers are suffering because their buying power is degrading each and every day. Looking at the next area of crisis in the economy, real estate brokers are anticipating a worsening condition in the housing market after reports showed that Contract signings across major areas were down 8% from the same month a year earlier.

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